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Welcome to Metro Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the simple dermatology surgical procedure involving the shifting of hair follicles from the permanent donor area around the sides and back head, to the areas having less or no hair. This is permanent solution for male and female pattern hair loss but if taken from the reputed and registered clinic in which only the expertise professionals perform surgeries.

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Total care system that care for you even after transplantation.

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Metro Hair Transplant

With the global recognition of India’s skill in the medical sector, Medical Tourism in India has taken giant strides in the past few years. With one of the lowest costs and high standards of health care services, Medical Sector in India is fast attracting people from diverse and remote corners of the world.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Ambala
Hair Transplant in Jalandhar
Fue Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular anesthetic procedures

FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT involves transfer of 1-4 hairs at one time

Hair Transplant for Men

Today 85% of men suffer from hair thinning when they reach their 50s.

Hair Transplant for Women

In female pattern baldness, although the donor regions are often unstable.Hair density in donor regions are thin.


What we do best

Our team digs into treatment procedures for making their results better than the best.

Facial Hair Transplant

Dr. Walia has put his great efforts and skills for helping the people to get rid from the blemishing look of face due to facial hair loss.

Nuclear magnetic
Graft Extraction

Hair transplantation techniques and equipments have been refining with the advancements in the technology that has put them into long way.

Hair Loss Diagnostic
Body Hair Transplant

It is a procedure under which the hairs are restored on chest and abdomen. Additionally pubic hair, underarms or from other parts

Blood test
Bio-Follicular Unit Extraction

Science has made many revolutions in the field of hair treatments so there are various method to restored hair surgically

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. J. P. Walia


Plastic, Hair Transplant and General Surgery

D. J. P. Walia is a hair specialist and also holds an MBBS, MS, & M.Ch in Plastic, Hair Transplant and General surgery. He has accumulated extra expertise from the leading hair transplant surgeons worldwide and shares his extraordinary skills by achieving 100% natural results for hair loss patients. His artistry and surgical skills are perfectly deployed on each patient.

Medical Services

Counting upon our experience and expertise in dealing with a large number of travelers, a great number of medical tourists choose us because of the trust and services we provide.


Medical Treatments

Medical Tourism in India is one of the booming segments owing to the presence of specialized professionals, advanced infrastructure, highly sophisticated medical equipments


Transplant Packages

Today, deskbound and unhealthy lifestyle is the routine in cities and therefore people are becoming more inclined towards ailments and diseases.


Medical Services


From the past few years, India has become the preferred destination for medical tourism. Patients from all around the world visit India to avail the benefits of affordable treatment with world-class facilities.

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With the presence of many talented and experienced doctors / surgeons in India, the country is fast proving itself to be a "global medical destination" that offers every treatment under the same roof. Cheap costs coupled with reliable treatment makes India a much-favored destination when it comes to medical tours.

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Medical tourism in India is moving on an upward scale. It, thus, is necessary that one should be aware about the important medical legal guideline so that the requirement and interest of the people looking for health care in India must be met. The Indian Government has devised a number of frameworks consisting of medical legal guidelines.

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General Frequently Asked Questions
Q) What exactly is Medical Tourism or Health Tourism?
A) Medical tourism or health tourism is the combination of travel and the pursuit of health. Patients, particularly those from developed nations travel to other countries with cheaper healthcare facilities so that they can be cured of diseases and explore the nation thereafter. It is also known as health or wellness tourism.

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